Why we do this:
The Netherlands, as well as other European countries, faces a disastrous housing crisis. For (international) students, the crisis seems to be even worse. It is estimated that in total we have 38,000 more students than we have student accommodation. In Amsterdam alone there is a shortage of over 10,000 student rooms. This year was also the first time that, on average, we paid more than €400 for a student room. Prices never before have been so high. This shortage in turn has led to an extreme increase in excesses: the number of formal complaints has risen with 20% in one year, including racism, life threatening situations and heavily overpriced rooms. As a result of the crisis, in various cities in The Netherlands, students had to sleep in tents instead of homes.
What we do:
At Kamersin.nl we aim to radically change the way we find, share and move to new homes. We are building a full-service housing company, built around a vibrant student community. For landlords, we aim to be a one-stop-shop where we offer services which makes it easy to find reliable tenants. For students, we will provide services that allow them to find a great new home. Free of charge, obviously. But we also provide legal assistance (e.g. landlord check, maximum rent price check), make it easy to move and live (moving services, cleaning services, furniture and bike leasing) and a community to make you feel right at home. We aim to contribute to solving the negative consequences of the housing crisis and make it easy for everyone to move to a new home they love.
How we do this:
As with every business, we need money to do what we are doing. We are, however, convinced, that our platform should be free to use for everyone. That poses the question: “how do you guys make money?” We do so through third party advertisements & affiliate services. Third parties are invited to offer services to our users, for which we receive a commission.
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